Tuesday, 14 September 2010

I've got things to post about

not really. i'm going to ramble on for a while.

it's 5 days until talk like a pirate day! how terribly exciting. i can't wait to get my swashbuckler on. It's also 6 days until i start work for Vanquis International, a Bank that specialises in people with bad credit ratings.
I can't say im hugely excited for the work, but I can say this: i cannot WAIT to start earning some real money.

Despite the fact that i am qualified to work with animals. however i suppose there cant be much difference in feeding chimpanzees and providing customer service for the townspeople of medway.

 they both provide a wide range of vocalisations that can be compared slightly to human communication, after all.
the point being, once the money starts rolling in, i'm getting this beauty tattooed onto me.

Psalmopoeus irminia, or the Venezuelan Sun Tiger Tarantula. I've been planning it for far too long.
None other than David Corden is to be performing the hurtful body painting, however it's well worth it.

i urge anyone who lives in the southeast and wants a realistic, very well done tattoo, to visit him at Ritual Art Tattoo in rainham. he's incredible.

Right, i think that's all folks. peace and love, i'm sure there will be something interesting to write about soon.

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